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Frequently Asked Questions

Cannabis Phrog in Shepherdsville, Kentucky promotes the use of  Hemp CBD products. We are not making any medical claims on cures for any diseases or ailments. But, many studies show and research is continuing to discover the benefits of this amazing plant. The results include slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s, easing pain from multiple sclerosis and arthritis, Autism, epilepsy, cancer, PTSD, depression and decreasing anxiety and more. We are so grateful that Ky Farmers can legally grow Hemp Cannabis and I look forward to  this agriculture crop expanding. Read more to see the answers to these FAQs.

Q: Is cannabis addictive?

all of our products are made in the USA from hemp farmed right here in ky

A: Addiction is a compulsive psychological and physiological need for a habit-forming substance. In line with this, cannabis is not physically addictive. However, it’s accepted that a psychological dependence can possibly occur in heavy to chronic users. Chronic users who stop using cannabis report experiencing restlessness, insomnia, and irritability for at a week or so after discontinuing use. Still, compared to most drugs, dependence among cannabis users is relatively rare.

Q: Will you eventually use other drugs if you start with cannabis?

A: There is no evidence that supports this claim. There is plenty of research that suggests alcohol and prescription pain medications lead to use of other drugs.

Q: Is Cannabis more dangerous than tobacco?

A: Unlike tobacco, daily cannabis smoking does not lead to increased risk of respiratory illness, nor of lung cancer or other cancers associated with cigarette smoking. Even chronic cannabis smokers have no increased risk of lung cancer. 

Q: What are the different strains of cannabis?

A: Schultes classified cannabis as having three species based on the formation of seedpods. These are Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis, and Hemp.

Cannabis indica

Plants from these species are hardy and stocky with maple-like leaves and heavy, tight flowers. They rarely reach heights in excess of 2 meters (7 feet). High in psychoactive content, using this species gives a more sedative effect compared to using sativa varieties.

The Cannabis indica species came from the mountain regions of Central Asia. They were collected from Kashmir, Nepal, Northern India, and Pakistan during the early 1960s. These native plants became the gene pool for many of today’s varieties.

Cannabis sativa

These varieties originated from equatorial regions. They produce thin, spiky leaves and massive colas. Since they have higher levels of THC, it gives the user a more uplifting and profound experience. These plants can reach heights in excess of 4.5 meters (15 feet).

Cannabis ruderalis

This is found in Poland, Russia, and other eastern European countries. Cannabis ruderalis have large seeds and weedy plants that grow to around 1.5 meters (5 feet) tall. They have a lower level of THC compared to C.sativas and C.indicas.

Hemp Strains

Hemp is a non-psychoactive cannabis plant that has been traditionally grown commercially for fiber, oil, and seeds.  Commercial hemp is planted very close to each other and produce very tall hemp plants that contains very little THC or CBD. Medicinal Hemp is planted further apart and become very bushy. These hemp plants contain less than .03% THC, but they do contain the same full spectrum of CBD that is found in medical marijuana.

Q: Will CBD make me fail a drug screen?

A: Hemp and marijuana are both cannabis and they both contain THC.  Most work screens test for THC not CBD. Broader tests do test for cannabinoids in general. The cannabinoid test will show positive. Cannabinoids are completely legal and if the entity that is requiring the test is only concerned with the psychoactive ingredient THC you can request a more specific test.  Hemp contains less than .03% THC and is completely legal. Most people will not show positive on a standard test. Some of our clients have reported showing a trace positive after using our strongest concentration 1500mg for several months.

Q: Is there a precedent to being fired from the workplace after marijuana had been legalized?

A:  An employer did fire an employee for testing positive for marijuana after it became legal. The company policy for a drug-free workplace held up in court, so you may want to consult your employer if you are to be subjected to random screens.

Q: Will Hemp get me high or impair my judgment or ability to work or drive a car normally?

A: CBD does not cause drowsiness. However some prople do feel drowsy the first couple of days using it. The reason for the drowisiness is if you are experiencing chronic symptoms chances are you are not getting quality sleep. Most people are sleep deprived and exhausted and do not even realize it because it has become our norm.  Once you start a CBD regimen those symptoms that are preventing you from sleeping go away and you will feel sleepy because you are genuinely tired. After a few nights of quality sleep you will feel amazing and have more energy. Several people report having more energy, losing weight and several other positive health benefits.  Hemp CBD will not impair your judgement. 

Q: Can hemp help with nicotine or alcohol addiction?

A: Studies  show  that using hemp e-liquids do reduce nicotine cravings. There are other studies that do show hemp can help with other addictions as well. 

Q: What are the shipping costs?

A: We ship all of our products thru USPS priority mail. We offer free shipping on all orders over $50.00 

Q: Whats the difference between Full Spectrum and CBD only?

A: The Difference between Full Spectrum and CBD only, is that the Full Spectrum has .03 % THC along with the other 113  cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant as well as all of the terpenes antioxidents, protein and vitamins found in hemp oil. The .03% THC helps the CBD and the other active cannabinoids found in our products to enact the entourage effect, which helps a lot more than the CDB (cannabidiol) isolate alone.  CBD is a major cannabinoid  that makes up 40% of the natural occurring cannabinoids extracted from the plant.  

A THC Free CBD isolate based oil does have many benefits but it does not help as many symptoms as a full spectrum. 

If you are considering using a CBD only product to help relieve symptoms, do some research. You can google Which Cannabinoid helps with your symptom. 

Of course we are not making any medical claims and are not suggesting using our products in place of seeking medical help if you need it.