Cannabis Phrog

Providing High-Quality Hemp Products

Cannabis Phrog was officially born in September 2016, but our story actually began in 1998. Hemp was not legal and I had never heard of CBD and we really had no idea what the benefits of medical marijuana except that it was good for cancer patients taking chemotherapy. 
But, I was learning quite a bit about Autism. My son Ben was 4 years old and non verbal, he had a hot temper and was easily frustrated and would sometimes throw tantrums that lasted for hours. He was at first diagnosed as deaf, but a brain stem test showed normal hearing. Then we were handed the news he has Autism. This would have been devastating if we understood it. But, back then there was not a lot of information. So we were more confused and desperate than anything else. Since then, Ben has been on many medications and in therapy. With the help of some very patient teachers, and supportive friends to help Ben's dad and I (and his two older siblings), Ben is very high functioning now. But after he hit puberty, his rage is sometimes uncontrollable and he is now a big strong man. Ben had to go on some pretty strong medications to help him control his temper and risk experiencing severe side effects. 
I have tried many "natural" supplements from the health and nutrition stores, various diets and the such I will never give up looking for a better alternative to help my son Ben. But nothing really helped. So you can imagine my skepticism when I met the owners of a local hemp company at the Ky State Fair in August of 2016. My first question was "Is this legal?" and "When did that happen?" 
They answered those questions and gave me so much information about this miracle CBD oil that helps or cures so many things it sounds like a snake oil. I thought this sounds way to good to be true. And of course they did let me know that they are not making any medical claims and the FDA does not regulate this product. 
I was told stories about people with severe pain being pain free, epileptics being seizure free after their very first serving, Cancer patients being cured, Parkinsons, Multiple sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Cystic Fibrosis patients all being helped with CBD. The he said Autistic Spectrum Disorder showing dramatic improvement... I was skeptical, but I have tried everything else. So I bought some CBD oil for my son. I was amazed at the results. Ben was off of his medications at the time and he had a very hard time controlling himself and his anger on a daily basis. The CBD was a life changer. Just 1/2 a small dropper under his tongue twice a day and his fits of rage started to be less often and not as intense. (Ben is cheesin it up at his graduation, below). Ben is now enjoying a part time job and a social life outside of the home. Ben also really enjoys greeting our customers when he visits the shop.  So don't be surprised if a young man enthusiastically greets you, introduces himself and shakes your hand upon entering the store. (If you know anything about Sonic the Hedgehog or Anime, he will be your best friend for the day!)

Cannabis Phrog is Born

 After learning more about  CBD oil, hemp, medical marijuana, and looking at several other brands of CBD products. I decided to launch my own store offering only the very best CBD products I could find on the market. I am confident that my CBD products are the very best out there today. It is made from NON GMO, pesticide free, hemp farmed right here in Ky and the supercritical CO2 extraction method is used to get the safest, purest and cleanest CBD oil possible. Since we opened in November 2016 inside The Most Awesome Flea Market in Shepherdsville, We have heard 100's of the most amazing stories from our clients that use our products.

Our goal is to help as many people as we can. So we have opened another shop in Bardstown Ky and we are open 6 days a week! Please come in and say hi! 
213 Culpepperst, Bardstown Ky 40004

Our First Cannabis Phrog product

Phrog Hair Detangle spray was our very first original creation. I was using a detangle product that i really liked on my Twin girls hair. I did not realized how bad this product actually was for your hair. I had quite a few customers asking for various natural hemp products. Everything from dog treats, pain cream and hair care. It was my customers that let me know what they needed. My inspiration to make the detangle spray was a young girl at my church. She had been diagnosed with a childhood cancer and survived it. But, her hair feels like straw, tangles easily, and she is super tender headed. The deepest most intense moisture treatments seem to have no effect on her brittle, dry hair. So I decided she was my first priority. I wanted a spray, that would soften, detangle, strengthen, help the hair grow faster, add moisture and health, be good for you and smell good too.
Phrog hair does all of that and more! OH, and I wanted it to be affordable. We did that too! Since then, I added CBD dog treats, and I developed pain cream that does much more than stop pain! I intend to keep on making our own products and offer them at the best price. If you have a problem you want solved or if there is a product you would like to see available, send me an email. I will put it on my list and give you a call when its ready to go to trial. (You can be a big help by being one of the first people to try the products we make!)

1,000 Happy Customers

Well, we are just a baby in the business. But, we are growing fast! We now have 2 locations, one inside the Most Awesome Flea Market and now we are open for business in Bardstown KY. 213 Culpepper St. Come and see us!
Please like and follow us on Facebook.  We have a customer appreciation program. Spend $20.00+ and you earn a star. earn 10 stars and you get 20% off your next purchase. (one star per day) 
I also offer a 10% military and veteran discount. Thank you for your service! 

Why Us?

We only carry hemp that is Non GMO, Pesticide free and grown here in KY. We are certified KY Proud! We also only use hemp that is extracted using Super Critical CO2 method. This is the ONLY method that does not add toxic gas or chemicals to the hemp during the extraction process. Other cheaper and quicker methods add unwanted poisons to the CBD oil, even after the oil is finished processing, those poisons are still present in the  oil (In small "acceptable" quantities) We do not believe there is an acceptable amount of poison for our products. Why use a NON GMO, pesticide free crop and add poison to it? We just think that is CRAZY STUPID! And we will not ever sacrifice quality for profit.